Monday, December 3, 2012

Shakespeare... at school?

I wanted my students to know who Shakespeare was and why he is still so important. But... Shakespeare at school? The language is so difficult... Why not?! Why not Romeo and Juliet?
So, we started watching some scenes of the movie "Shakespeare in love".

We extracted passages and vocabulary from many scenes.
After the vocabulary was explained, we did different activities: (some of them in class, other in Edmodo as homework)
we matched expressions with pictures,
did grammar activities and
role played dialogues.

We also did group activities, the "Capulets" and "Montagues" about the Shakespearean world. (theatre building, people attending, actors and actresses, biography, etc.)

The role play was such a success, I thought to expand the activity: why not choose a scene and create our own script, with our own day to day words?
So two scenes were chosen and two scripts were writen: the balcony scene and the one at the party.

Then they were recorded and uploaded for everyone to see.
It was a great experience!

You can see the videos and read the details here (in Spanish)

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